Some eat to live and some live to eat! In which category do u belong? In my last post, I took you along my journey to Vivanta, Dwarka, New Delhi and promised you a special post on the buffet I enjoyed there. So, as promised I am back with all the details that you would love to read about.

While traveling, each one of us looks forward to special cuisines, locale food specialties to have delicious memories to cherish. 😋 I availed the Experience more offer at Vivanta which included both dinner and breakfast in my stay. In this post, I will treat your taste buds unraveling the hospitality of Creo– a multi cuisine restaurant serving Indian, Italian and Asian cuisines.
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Creo, Taj Vivanta, Delhi


Dinner time begins at 7 in the evening and the buffet runs till 10 pm. We reached on time not to miss even a single minute of the royal dinner that we “expected”. Our first reaction was of excitement to see a variety of starters right when we entered into the open area of the restaurant. There were plenty of dishes for vegans as well as non-vegetarians. The menu is designed taking into consideration the tastes of foreign guests which the hotel entertains. I started with soup and shredded boiled chicken in it. It was quite good. After lifting my appetite, I checked other options. Apart from the usual starters, they also had pork, beef, and lamb too. I tasted lamb a little but did not like it as I don’t have the hardcore non-veg taste buds to appreciate it. Again there were salads of different kinds but my all-time favorites were baby onions dipped in vinegar. For side beverages, I took watermelon juice which was the best. Moving on to the main course we had-


Non-veg: Mutton, Masala Chicken, Fish curry

Veg: Shahi Paneer, Yellow Dal, Chole Masala, Mix vegetables

Breads: They have live counters for chapati, naan, lachha parantha, missi roti for which you can place your order and you will be served at your table.

Rice: Normal, Fried

Desserts: Ice Cream (Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla), Bengali rasgulla, Pastries, dry cakes, sweet yogurt

Deserts at Creo

Unfortunately, non-veg food really disappointed me completely. It is mainly cooked with very fewer spices. It was almost like boiled meat mixed with spice-less curry. Since I believe in zero food wastage, I finished the non-veg dishes unwillingly. I then tried the veg stuff. Chole masala had extra salt in it to spoil the taste. Shahi Paneer, lachha parantha and fried rice were a savior for me. They were edible at least. Amongst the dessert, the rasgulla and ice cream were clear winners obviously as they are sourced from outside. Overall, Dinner would have been likable to especially those who prefer minimum spices in their meal. But for a foodie like me, that dinner was not worth it.


Well, leaving aside the disappointing dinner memories, I woke up the next morning looking forward to a sumptuously rich breakfast. Breakfast timing is 7-10 am. Just like Dinner, there were a plethora of dishes. There were live counters for Paranthas ( two options: potato and cottage cheese), Dosa, Uttapam, and omelet. The non-veg dishes included chicken sausages,egg-omelette & Pork dish. The Potato curry and poori (deep-fried wheat flour bread) were mouth-watering just like home-cooked. Vermicelli upma and oats were also good. I tasted noodles too which I liked. Freshly baked bread with butter and jam was even there. The paneer (cottage cheese) parantha was served hot and was delicious. Even the potato parantha was no less in taste especially when I had it with the mint chutney. Dosa sambhar was barely ok. I regret taking lime water as it had too much salt which made it bitter. Even the mixed fruit juice tasted stale. Only the watermelon juice was fresh. In sweets, they served dry cake, sweet yogurt & different types of donuts etc. which were fine. For diet-conscious people, they had gluten-free bread, soya milk, buttermilk, wheat flakes, corn flakes, muesli. I can say that breakfast was far better than dinner at Creo.


Final Verdict

When we call a hotel a five-star property, we expect it to be an all-rounder in serving us which is justified owing to the sizable per night tariff they charge. A stay is more enjoyable if the food served meets the high standards of the hotel. But it is rightly said, All that glitters is not gold. Overall, Creo did not turn out to be a trump card for us. But at the same time, I cannot deny the hospitality of the hotel staff, be it at the restaurant or the service ones, they try their best to provide a comfortable and enjoyable stay for which one pays.

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