“It’s a lovely day. Flowers are blooming on her balcony. Cold breeze is flowing over her tresses gently and her hair is responding by billowing with it. Her scarf is also ready to leave the boundation of being around the neck to soar high in the sky.”

– Doesn’t all this sound very rosy and filmy? 

The picture of a girl that you all framed in your mind seems happy from within. But does the surrounding matter when it comes to what is igniting within a person’s mind and soul. Most of the time (as we have watched on TV) , the psychologist asks a depressed person to change his surroundings which is expected to bring a change in the mental health. I really wonder if it’s true or not! It is like asking a person who is having high fever to move to a hill station as if a change in weather will bring down the body temperature as well.  If a person is sad due to some reason then does it really matter what is going on in his surroundings. As for him the external happiness won’t make any sense if internally his mind and soul are not synced. This is why I guess they say, Change comes from within. 

If for any reason you are depressed and feel like being down in the dumps then ask yourself one question- “ Is the reason for your gloominess going to stay with you forever?” If yes, then there is no point changing your demeanor from a depressed soul to a chirping one. But even if a little voice from the back of your mind is trying to utter a slightest feeblest No then ask the second question to yourself immediately – “ Is it worth crying for days, getting myself into the depressed lonely state and tormenting my soul from guilt or diffidence or self-criticism for a reason which is not going to last?” 

Definitely the same feeble voice in your head will say a NO! Every soul on this planet wants love, care and respect, first from self and then from others. Yet we are the first to snatch all those from ourselves in times of misery. Why is it difficult for us to accept ourselves if we failed in something that we wanted badly, if someone rejected our true love, if we do not have the luxuries that others enjoy or if we do not earn at par with our known ones. Does not that actually mean that failure is not the end of life, try harder next time and get that what you want. The one who rejected your love might not be the one meant for you as you deserve someone who can look into your eyes and see through your soul. You cannot afford those luxuries now so that you can come out of your comfort zone and push your boundaries to own them. Or simply you need to work smarter and upskill yourself to get the hike you desire.

Nothing is impossible is a perspective of life which is a life motto for the ones who stand up to their defeats, face challenges and don’t stop until they arrive at their victory position. And this victory means something different to each one of us and can’t be compared. The real victory is the peace of mind that we all want and somehow we all tend to keep missing. One isn’t necessarily born with this courage of going through the ups and downs of life but it is a state of mind that has to be nurtured by only you with constant positive self talks, reading what you love, doing what you enjoy and never comparing yourself with others. Others’ life journey is different and unique and so is yours. 

Next time if someone advises you for a change of place, remind yourself that change comes from within. Work on your strengths and always remember no one can play your role better than you.

I am a Passionate traveler by heart & travel is like a religion to me- it lifts my spirit. I wish to travel the world and have just started to live my dreams. Beaches are my favorite destinations.Their vastness intrigues me and deepness excites me.Let us together embark on the journeys to fascinating places and capture colorful memories.

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